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  October 28, 2022

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Exotic Rose Orchid Vase™ delivered to Queen Creek, AZ

This place is a total disaster! Owner is a absolute POS.I ordered a very expensive anniversary bouquet for my wife for our second anniversary. I ordered on Tuesday Way in advance. They deliver it to her place of work after 6 PM. When the business that my wife works at is literally a few miles away from rodeo roses. I called this lady up to explain what happened and she immediately gives me attitude saying it was my fault because I did not tell her it was a business. As I stated it does not matter you had over a 12 hour window to get it delivered it was out all night and now it’s ruined I ask her what she’s gonna do for me and she says nothing I proceed to get Heated and say F you she says F you right back to me what a great business. Don’t go here they are liars scammers cheaters!

  October 28, 2022

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Classic Yellow Roses delivered to Queen Creek, AZ

Ordered online was very simple ordered yellow roses for my Great Aunts birthday she was over the moon with them she says they smell so beautiful she just can’t stop looking at them and catching a smell as she walks by! Thank you so much for helping me my her day! Loving Texas niece ❤️

  September 26, 2022

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Good Old Summertime™ delivered to Queen Creek, AZ

That was the most pathetic bouquet I have seen in quite some time. The balloon did not have enough in it to stay up in the air so that was missing helium. And the flowers look like someone just cut them and stuck them in a vase Any Which Way. Not to mention for a $65 bouquet it was pathetic. I understand now why you charge $15 for customers that have never used you before. Although I had never heard of that my whole bill came to over $100 when you add the $15 delivery fee also. It makes sense to charge for the first time someone uses your service because I for one won't be using it again. The bouquet was very poorly done in the balloon just barely was a little bit higher than the bouquet sitting on the table

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